All Advertisers have "EQUAL OPPORTUNITY" to be found on this innovative advertising
concept of Pixel Ads.
Advertisement are of graphic
nature and presented at once
on the pixel grid and hence not lost
in a myraid of data, text or remains
obscure in the labyninth of databases to be searched for and discovered.


Pixel Add is all about advertising graphycally as such advertisements can be your Logos.
Logo symolisis your brand power,Unleash it on Pixel Ads and see how brand power works for you.

Pixel Advertising- for BUYERS and SELLER

PiXeL AD is a website dedicated only for graphical advertisement.Sellers can advertise for GLOBAL exposition of their products and services. For the buyers PiXeL AD is world wide window (www) on the web to find bespoke products and services.
PiXeL ADs aggregate advertisements of like kind categorically on the co-location canvas - the advertisement platform of PiXeL ADs enabling buyers with the advantages of able to find competing brands at one location.
The advertisement are clickable on the co-location canvas that take you to detailed on-line information about the products and services. Website Users are also provided with an interface to make enquiries with the advertiser on forms that appear upon mouse hover of ADs

see pixelADs in action


Pixel advertisement provisions global level exposure for your advertisements. Advertisments are accessible any time from any where in the world on the world wide web making it truly Any-Time-Ads

Explosive Exposition guaranteed.

Co-Location ADs

Advertisement Co-locate on the categorised Pixel-grid popularly known as the co-location canvas. Buyers are at an added advantage of having categorically similar content aggregated at one location.
PiXeL AD Categories Available

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