ARE YOU THERE for the BUYER when the BUYER is interested to find you ?

Is Your Advertisement there for the buyer when the buyer is just about thinking to buy ? ... The answer is mostly NO ...

Most advertisement means - Print/TV/Radio/Hoarding's are an unsolicited, very expensive short bouts of attempts at making awareness with an expectation that it will pay back.
It's possible that a wanting customer would miss your advertisement if they are not reading the magazine/newspaper where you have advertised or that they are not on the channel of a TV / Radio that sports your advertisement or it is likely that they do not commute on the road where you have put your hoarding ! and those that get to see may not be the target audience.

So do you think your advertisement investment is going waste without the expected pay off ?

PiXeL ADs however are 24x7x365 - round the clock (rtc) - quite like an ATM - ALL Time Marketing on the ubiquitous media, waiting to be found by the wanting customers just a few mouse clicks or taps away.